No one ever expects either the Spanish Inquisition or a dental emergency, but when they happen, oh boy, do they ever wish they’d taken preparatory action. There’s not much one can do about the Spanish Inquisition, except not watch too much Monty Python, but when it comes to raging toothache and bashed teeth, it’s easy to be prepared.

Store the phone number

Unlike calling out the emergency services – police, fire or ambulance – there is no one-number-fits-all for an emergency dentist in Southgate. This means putting the number of a dental clinic that offers emergency services, such as Adams Dental, into one’s phone.

Knocked-out teeth

Having that phone number to hand, stored under Emergency Dentist, means saving precious minutes when an emergency does happen. In the case of having teeth knocked out in an accident every second counts. There’s no time to sit staring at the teeth on the ground. People need to get themselves and their lost teeth to the emergency dentist in Southgate as soon as possible as there is only a 2-hour window in which to get them put back in, and avoid having to go down the road of replacement teeth and all the expense and hassle that can entail.

The knocked-out teeth pot

Knocked out teeth need to be stored in liquid between leaving the mouth and arriving at the emergency dentist in Southgate to be put back in again. Brave people can have a go at putting them back into the socket themselves, but if there is too much blood, gore and pain going on, an alternative is just to store them in the mouth, or in a pot of milk. Never, ever store them in tap water. It contains too many chemicals and will kill the tooth. Similarly, letting the tooth dry out will also kill it. Teeth are alive and need to be kept that way.


If toothache is severe, it’s best to get it looked as soon as possible. Most emergency dentists will try to see patients on the day they ring. Toothaches can often be a sign of infection and leaving them could lead to the loss of the tooth.