Aerial YogaHave you ever wished you could swing in the air like acrobats—so easily like a feather but with such grace and strength? Recently, aerial yoga—a mix of yoga and acrobatics—has entered the fitness scene, making it possible to fulfill this wish. You can swing from huge, dangling silk ribbons and execute graceful poses as well! But, the silks are not suspended as high as the ones in the carnival and you don’t need to be an acrobat to do it. Find out what to expect from aerial yoga.

Yoga with a Twist

Imagine flipping upside down and hanging from silk ribbons while stretching your body.

It is a new yet exciting experience if you have never tried yoga or even if you take regular classes. The silk ribbons allow your body to do “anti-gravity” yoga as the ribbons take on your body weight and support you in doing refined yoga poses. This allows even the weaker parts of your body to work and the strong parts to gain more strength. Basically, the muscles, which are not putting weight on the ribbons, will work harder. As you are suspended, you can easily sink into the pose without thinking too much about the proper way of doing it.

Not Just Physical Fitness

Aerial yoga allows you to focus and discipline your mind, body and soul while executing the poses. You will need to focus your mind and listen to the instructor attentively. Moreover, the whole experience of making your muscles work creates a massage effect, making it therapeutic for the body.

Getting Started

As a first timer, you should purchase aerial yoga equipment such as a hammock kit, according to Since you will be hanging from silk ropes, it is understandable that you will be apprehensive about safety. If it helps, arrive early and ask some from the gym to tell you more about the aerial yoga equipment and inspect them yourself.

Aerial yoga is a new, exciting way to get fit. As you try and see if it is right for you, be mindful about what to expect from the class, so you can be prepared.