Wedding AnniversaryYou’ve had a number of anniversaries already. That is quite a feat, so this upcoming anniversary needs to be special. What else can you do, other than having a romantic dinner in a special venue? Here are a few ideas to jazz up your special evening together.

Recreate Your Marriage Ceremony

This may cost a little more, but the memories created are priceless and will last forever. Invite as many of the original attendees or focus on a few major ones. Rent a Brisbane function venue that can house your invited guests, if your original venue is far or expensive.

Recreate the menu, a few of the decorations, the motif and even your old wedding suits, dresses and rings. Try to get the same officiating minister.

Take a Trip

It can be a cruise on a liner or yacht, a road trip on a rented van or even a bike ride together. The choice depends on the amount of time you have, your preferred travel mode, health concerns and budget.

Be sure your loved one is happy with your choice. Make the trip worth remembering by asking for her hand in marriage all over again, complete with your old engagement ring.

Have A Photo or Video Shoot

Hire someone to document your day in pictures or video. Make sure they have a professional background. Turn it into a mini-movie complete with narration if you want to up the ante.

Plan the whole day’s activities knowing that there’s someone documenting them. This is the one day you shouldn’t be shy. Let the camera capture your true feelings. Make sure you’re prepared to show your love to your special someone.

Go ahead and merge any of these ideas together. What is money to true and longstanding love? A relationship’s worth can never be measured financially. Remember, this is the person you promised to stay with for better or for worse. Now is the time to reminisce and honour how true those promises are.