AdventureWhether it’s hiking, biking, rafting or simple sight-seeing, the wonders of outdoors are always present in all their grandeur. Before getting ready with your backpack, marvel at this list of awesome places in the United States where you can go for an adventure of a lifetime.

San Rafael Swell, Utah

You’re in for a maze of canyon holes when you enter this 2,000-square mile stonework block at the west side of Moab, shaped by rain and refined by wind. The descent will take you to bacon-lined tubes where you will press, rush and dip from one extraordinary channel to another. The action is really on in this distant place.

Taylor River, Colorado

The quarter-mile portion of this river beneath Taylor Park Dam is famous for having the largest trout in this state. This is why it is recognized as the Hog Trough. It offers one of the best white water rafting in Colorado.

Here, you have to compete with many others in catching prized fish weighing as much as 15 pounds. You need a special strategy in catching them which is made even harder by the tough water flow. There is a 12-mile section downstream this channel that offers private, relaxing fishing.

Yosemite National Park, California

After days of hiking up the 50-mile sphere of this amazing park, you will want more of its surrounding nature because of the sight and atmosphere. You will be overwhelmed by each and every stony track elevating at 7,000 feet. The nighttime prospects of enjoying a family-class meal and a good night sleep in your tent hut are bonus niceties.

Arkansas River, Colorado

This river through the Browns Canyon is the best white water rafting site in Colorado. Sweeping the 12-mile long torrents gives you an amazing view of stunning gorges and mountains rising at 14,000 feet. Once you push down into a stone canyon, you will see bighorn sheep and bald eagles along the way.

These are only some of the breathtaking places in USA that will make your adventurous side excited. The others are yours to explore.