smiling womanThey say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but actually beauty is all about size, proportion and symmetry. The more even and in balance the parts of your body are, the more beautiful they seem. It is the same for your teeth: too large, too small, too uneven, and you miss the mark of a beautiful smile.

Smile design is both an art and a science, and a good cosmetic dentist, such as at Simple Teeth in Essex, will be able to use their skill, knowledge and judgement to uplift your smile by using a variety of techniques.

There are several elements that go towards making a good smile. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Your front teeth

Beautiful front teeth should have a width that is about 80% of their height.

The tilt of your teeth

Your front upper teeth should all have a slight tilt towards the centre, so that if you drew a line down the middle of each tooth, it would extend down towards your navel.

The centre of your smile

This is the line between your front teeth. It should line up with the centre line of your body which extends down between your eyes, down your nose, and down the centre of your body.

The colour of your teeth

Your teeth should be all the same colour, without marks or stains, and preferably a white shade, because whiter teeth give the impression of youth and health.

Your gum line

This should be balanced and even over all your teeth, not higher or lower on each tooth. It should be slightly lower over your lower incisors, which are the teeth next to your two front teeth.

Do your teeth follow the Golden Proportion ratio?

Each tooth away from the midline should be two-thirds as wide as the previous tooth. So, if your front incisor is 10 millimetres wide, the incisor next to it should be about 6.5 millimetres wide.

Try these fascinating rules of dental beauty out next time you are talking to someone. They may help you work out what it is about their smile that makes it beautiful, or not.