There are times when waiting for a routine dental check-up to get a dental problem looked at just won’t do. This is because some dental problems need urgent treatment. At times like these, there is lots of advice available online about what to do in a dental emergency.

However, there are still those who don’t seek out the help of an emergency dentist in Mackay. Perhaps because they don’t know how to access one or they can’t find the time in their schedule to see one. However, getting prompt treatment is important and an emergency dentist such as Walkerston Dental in Walkerston is there to ensure patients get the treatment they need when they need it.

What is a dental emergency?

When dental pain strikes, many may take painkillers and carry on with their day, hoping the problem will go away, unaware that they are actually in the middle of a dental emergency. The question is, how do people know when they have a dental emergency?

Let’s take a closer look at one fairly common dental emergency.

A cracked or chipped tooth can happen when playing sports, after a fall, or from biting down on an olive stone or another hard food. There could be pain and/or soreness, as well as obvious damage to the tooth.

If a piece of tooth has come off, it may be that the dentin or nerve has been exposed. This can result in severe pain. To prevent further damage to the tooth, an emergency dentist in Mackay will be needed.

If there is bleeding it can be stopped with a piece of clean fabric, while an appointment with an emergency dentist in Mackay is booked.

How to find an emergency dentist

Many people don’t know where to turn in a dental emergency. Do they go to their local dentist? But what if their local dentist doesn’t offer appointments out of hours and at short notice? Then, they’ll need to look elsewhere.

An internet search for ‘emergency dentist in Mackay’ is a good place to start. Patients can also look to the Australian Dental Association website. Once patients have found an emergency dentist, it is a good idea to save the number in their phone.