The apothecaries of the olden days may be gone, but something better came along—pharmacies. And when it comes to such establishments, one may have the impression that they all offer the same thing. In reality, they do not. Not all pharmacies are created equal, as many exceed the expectations of their customers. Finding the right one should be done with careful consideration.

Many situations may warrant the need for a specific medicine. And if you are having a hard time finding the pharmacy that will offer it, you can always go to a compounding pharmacy. One of the best things about a compounding pharmacy is that it prepares customized medication for their customers. Of course, everything is done under the supervision of your doctor’s prescription. But if you are looking for the right compounding pharmacy in Stoney Creek, here are some of the tips you may want to keep in mind:

Ask your doctor for recommendations

Your doctor may recommend some pharmacies to you, but there may be cases when medicines are supposed to be compounded. When that happens, it pays that you ask your doctor for a list of compounding pharmacies you can go to. This list should help you create a shortlist, which in turn will help you come up with a viable decision. You must make sure that your doctor has been working with the compounding pharmacies he has recommended to you. But if you are having second thoughts, you can ask other doctors for the recommendation. Better yet, visit the listed pharmacies yourself.

You can go online

Not yet convinced with your doctor’s recommendation? Go online! Type in the name of the pharmacy, and let the search engine present to you a slew of reviews and recommendations. You are on the safe side if the majority of the reviews talk about how a specific pharmacy offers highly effective compounded medicines. It also pays that you read their reviews about the customer service and aftersales aspect of the pharmacy.

pharmacist checking stockCheck their certifications and legitimacy

If you are still having second thoughts, it is time that you prove the legitimacy and reputation of the compounding pharmacy you are trying to commission. There is one way to do that: you can check the local organization of compounding pharmacy and find out if they are a member of it. It is also a sound decision to call the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Make your conditions clear

Now that you have picked a compounding pharmacy, you may want to have another filter to make sure that you will get an effective medicine. You should tell them about your certain conditions, such as allergies and past reactions to certain drug ingredients. That way, they can easily customize your medicines, and some undesirable bodily reactions will be avoided.

These are only some of the important things to keep in mind when looking for the right compounding pharmacy. Keep your list of candidates short and always be specific with your questions.