Dental Braces in South JordanNot all people are born with a set of Hollywood-star teeth. In fact, even some of those beautiful people you see on TV have also gone through a bad teeth phase. But all thanks to modern oral heath technology and procedures, orthodontists can now correct problems like misaligned teeth or malocclusions.

Remember, when you have improperly aligned teeth or you suffer from a malocclusion, you can expect it to have an impact on many of your mouth-related activities like chewing and biting, as well as speaking. So consult an Orthodontist in South Jordan, Utah as soon as possible for a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

Friction + Litigation = Affected Tooth Movement

When a tooth moves due to litigation caused by an orthodontic appliance, it forces the tooth to a position – the area where it should have supposed to erupt in the first place. As a result, it affects all of the teeth’s position, making them align with each other. However, the orthodontist also needs to ensure that the movement does not create too much friction or the teeth may rub against each other excessively and cause damage, explains

Orthodontics Nowadays = Self-Litigating Dental Braces

Today, you have more than just the traditional wire and metal braces to choose from. Modern orthodontics now feature a system of passive, self-litigating system, called the Damon braces.

With these appliances, orthodontists can correct teeth misalignments and malocclusions without the patient having to go through the inconvenience of seeing their oral doctors once a month. Because they litigate on their own, patients no longer have to bear the burden of wearing metal or elastic ties. This system also provides more comfort than its traditional counterpart, while producing better results faster than you can imagine.

So before you opt for the cheaper conventional braces, consider these advantages of the Damon system and the fact that it will take you as little time as possible to wear them before the treatment concludes.