Invisalign Braces

Is there such as thing as invisible braces in Luton? For those who had braces as a kid, or watched their friends go through the ‘train track’ phase of wearing fixed, metal braces, it may seem a strange concept.

Yet, it is possible to get straighter teeth without the constant questions and stares from strangers. For self-conscious adolescents and professionals with public-facing jobs, this is a huge benefit. Invisible braces in Luton are available in different types, from dental practices in the area such as Vogue Dental Care. Here’s a rundown of 3 of the most popular brands.

Six Month Smiles

These use the same technology as traditional braces, but with one key difference: the brackets are ceramic, and the wires are coated with tooth-coloured material. This makes them blend in with the teeth. So, they aren’t truly invisible, but they certainly are discreet.

Six Month Smiles are also fast-acting. They take on average just half a year to do their work. They reason they are so speedy is that the treatment is focused on the front 6-8 teeth only.

Inman Aligner

This clever device uses 2 aligner bows to squeeze the teeth into their new positions. It is also discreet, with just one thin wire visible. The Inman Aligner gets even quicker results than Six Month Smiles, with realignment possible in only 6-18 weeks.


These clear aligners really are invisible braces in Luton. They are like thin, plastic mouthguards that fit over the teeth. Once in place, they are transparent. Someone close up may be able to spot them, but for the purposes of normal daily life, they can’t be seen.

Invisalign aligners are also removable, so they fit neatly into the patient’s lifestyle. They are taken out for eating or drinking anything other than plain water, and cleaned before being replaced. Because of this, treatment with Invisalign does require a bit of discipline. Patients must remember to remove the aligners each time they eat and more crucially, to put them back afterwards.

However, if they can get into this routine, these clear aligners give patients the chance to get straighter teeth without compromising their look in the process.