Certified DieticianYou know the importance of proper nutrition on health and general wellness. And you’ve made up your mind to share your passion about correct eating habits and maintaining proper nutrition to other people. But first, you need to study a Nutrition course and be certified.

Why is certification important?

Anyone can claim that they are experts in nutrition or dietetics. But do they have the proof to show? Your clients will take you seriously if you can assure them you have the right qualifications and competence to provide them with only the best nutritional service. The certification means you have the knowledge and the skills to look after the nutritional needs of other people.

How do you get certified?

  • The requirements for certification can vary from state to state or from one community to the next. As such, you need to look for information on the local requirements.
  • Invest in a qualified educational enhancement program to take up courses like nutrition, nutritional assessment, nutrition and diseases, counselling strategies, nutrition supplementation, herbology and aging.
  • Take a post-graduate course to get a degree in clinical nutrition. Enrol only in educational institutions with accreditation from professional regulatory organisations such as the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute.
  • Go to the nearest office of the nutrition certification board and apply for the written examination for licensed nutritionists. Review your studies, then take the examination.

Is there another way?

Many third party organisations offer certification courses. Check with your local nutrition certification board for a list of recognised and legitimate organisations.

Gaining certification requires that you have the correct skills. Get certified only from recognised professional accrediting bodies. You simply do not want to tarnish your reputation by making the wrong choice.