Teeth WhiteningWhite teeth are the standard of beauty when it comes to oral health. It means the teeth are ultimately clean and does not have any layer of plaque. Having them adds an attractive quality to your face, especially when you smile. Most people would want to have this feature because it will look great in pictures. Teeth whitening, however, may not be good for everyone. Here are some things to know if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

Tooth Sensitivity

Not all people react the same way to specific types of treatments when it involves the teeth. Some may have more sensitive teeth than the rest. Indications of sensitivity may include painful reaction to hot or cold drinks, according to Denchic.com. Immediate bleeding of gums may also be a problem. If you find yourself having these symptoms, it is better to have yourself checked first before going through with it. Some people may be allergic to peroxide, the active ingredient in whitening procedures.


You cannot go through whitening treatments at the dentist when you are under 16 years of age. Most teenagers and children under this age do not have a fully developed set of teeth. The nerves of their teeth may still be enlarged so they are more sensitive to the chemicals touching their teeth. The ingredient may cause irritation and pain. Apart from age, pregnant women may not also undergo any whitening treatments. They may have weaker bones and a more delicate immune system due to carrying a child with them.

Visit different dental clinics for advice on teeth whitening in North London. A quick check-up can determine whether you are a great candidate for this procedure or not. Always be sure about your oral health before undergoing any procedures that could actually harm you if you are not ready.