smiling at a dentistryObstructive is a sleep disorder that can be cured despite what many believe. There are sleep apnea dentists, who can help you to manage this sleeping disorder. You can find such professionals in many of the well-known South Bend, Indiana family dental offices.

The condition

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that does not allow air to flow freely to the lungs while you are asleep. A tissue in your throat will collapse and obstruct the airflow. This reduces the amount of air or oxygen that flows in. When the oxygen levels become very low, you can wake up suddenly. Thus, your sleep is interrupted many times during the night. This will result in daytime sleepiness and fatigue. Some patients might snore and be prone to depression, memory loss, irritability, headaches, and lack of concentration. Thus, these patients are more susceptible to accidents due to sluggishness.


The sleep apnea dentist will want you to maintain a diary so you can record your sleep patterns for at least two weeks. They will try to understand your sleeping and breathing patterns. They will also conduct a polysomnogram test, to examine the breathing, brain waves, heartbeat, and limb movements while you are asleep. They will then investigate if there are other conditions that interfere with your sleep. This will include your medical condition and any medication that you might be taking.

Treatment options

The two main types of therapies for this condition are upper airway surgery or oral appliance therapy. Changing the posture while sleeping and losing some extra weight might help in simple cases. Generally, the dentist’s first line of therapy will be to prescribe an oral appliance. This device is designed to apply constant pressure and thus prevent collapsing of the tissue. Customized appliances to suit your needs will be more effective than standard ones. The last option is to perform a surgery to remove the obstruction. The dentist, along with an ENT surgeon, will perform this surgery to open the airway.

If faced with this condition, make sure to consult a certified sleep apnea dentist to get the desired results.