Single ParentNow that you’re a successful young adult, it’s your turn to show gratitude for your dad’s love and provision. After all, he’s been caring for you since you were a child and, even on his own, was able to love you as both parents.

Here are a few suggestions that you can use.

Talk to Them

Encouraging a person always begins at home. As a single parent, it’s difficult to encourage oneself while thinking of all the responsibilities that are required of them every day. They’ll gladly accept their child’s appreciation because it affirms them and gives them a positive self-image. Start small by thanking them for the little things, building up to entire conversations on topics they like, and eventually their hopes and dreams.

Take Them Out on a Date

Most children aren’t that keen on being seen hanging out with their old man, let alone voluntarily taking them out on a date. However, father and son outings don’t need to be too public. It can be anything from watching a game on the telly with snacks on hand to actually going on a very private fishing excursion. Most solo parents, when given free time, would love to spend time with their grown children to make up for the days they aren’t available way back then.

Treat Them With Gifts

If your dad has some confidence issues or is looking a little run down, there’s always a simple way to lift them up. Clothes can help make a person feel better so why not buy them several new outfits? If it’s a much bigger physical concern, invest on a trip to the dentist to fix their teeth or a visit hair transplant clinic to improve their crowning glory, Fue Clinics suggests.

Your father has given so much for you so it wouldn’t hurt to give back even a little. Your dad may not take it at face value because of possible differences but they will appreciate your time spent with them in the long run. Remember that, after everything is said and done, he is still your father.