Do you know whether what you already know about alopecia are facts or misconceptions? Hair loss problems are a sensitive issue. With the myths around the subject, an individual with hair loss may get even more confused. Sticking to myths, such as the ones below, can even limit you from getting the most from possible treatment options, like using the HairMax Advanced 7 LaserComb.

You should use expensive products for treating hair loss

You have probably come across expensive hair care products that promise to deliver results in regrowing hair. However, most of these products contain inorganic chemicals that will do more harm to your hair. The chemicals in the hair products that you use play a significant role in causing hair loss.

More men lose hair than women

Hair loss problems are common to individuals of both genders. The difference in the hair loss between men and women is the hair loss pattern. Women experience thinning hair throughout the head, while men experience balding.

Hair loss problems are genetic

There are numerous hair loss causes, and genetic reasons are just one of them. Other causes include alopecia, medications, hormonal changes, and autoimmune diseases. It is therefore advisable to identify what exactly is causing your hair loss. Do not just conclude that your hair loss problem is due to genetic reasons.

Hair loss is permanent

Hair loss, due to genetic reasons, could be permanent, but you can get treatments to slow the process. You can reverse other hair loss types by taking the appropriate hair loss treatment.

Knowing the facts about alopecia will help you identify the main cause and take the appropriate measures to stop the hair loss process and grow your hair back. With the right treatment procedures, such as the continuous use of the HairMax Advanced 7 LaserComb, you can have your hair growing again.