Surviving CancerCancer is a deadly disease that robs you of quality of life and affects the people around you. It takes you away from your comfort zone as your body attacks itself slowly. The damage of this deadly disease is two-pronged; surviving will leave you with psychological and physical scars that will remain as reminders.

Emotional Impact

It is important to have a support group that helps you deal with the emotional stress of cancer treatment and survival. Chemotherapy or other forms of curing the disease have a physical and emotional toll. Your body’s system reacts differently, which may cause mood swings that affect you and the people around you.

You need a rock that keeps you steady throughout the entire process, especially during the crucial stages of treatment. Your support group will keep you connected and fighting for life, despite the difficulties posed by cancer.

The journey from diagnosis, treatment to survival will be difficult or unsuccessful without a strong support group. After surviving the disease, the people around you will be a constant reminder of how happy life was before the sickness.

Lifestyle Changes cites that you need to make lifestyle changes when you survive cancer. The adage ‘you are what you eat’ rings true, not only for cancer but for all kinds of diseases. Increased physical activity will also slowly improve your health, leading you to the path of recovery.

Some types of food are more potent in fighting cancer; certain superfood increase anti-oxidants and reduce the risk of getting the disease. Reduction of sweets and processed food such as pizza, burgers, fries and other forms of fast food also help you recover from the sickness.

Moving On

On your road to recovery, having a daily routine or hobby will keep your mind off the emotionally and physically damaging effects of cancer.

Enrol in a language class you have always wanted to learn such as French, German or Chinese. Take up art or play table tennis to improve your emotional, mental and physical condition. A loss of a part of a body because of cancer is not the end of the world; you only make your body worse by moping. Learn to deal with the losses and move on.