Toothbrushes for Kids in New AlbanyThey always say that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but how true is it, really? Apparently there is a certain level of truth to it, and apart from keeping the doctor away, it also keeps your child’s teeth more than okay.

Almost everyone agrees that apples are beneficial. These tasty fruits serve as nature’s toothbrush because of the presence of the fiber-rich flesh and skin. Eating an apple also gets rid of the food particles stuck in your teeth and gums.

Apples for Whiter Teeth

According to Kidz Smile Dentistry, the fiber-rich flesh of apples serves as a scrub for the teeth, gums, and tongue. Apart from this function, the mildly acidic nature of apples also removes plaque and other microbes in your child’s mouth.

When serving the kids some apples, refrain from peeling the skin—it’s where most of the good stuff is. The skin of the apple has natural fibers, which scrub teeth minutely. Eating apples is one of the best and most natural means of getting rid of any stains on the teeth.

Apples for A+ Breath

If your child has issues with bad breath, apples are one of the easiest remedies. Apart from serving as a toothbrush, it also acts as a breath freshener that gets rid of bad breath, which is usually the result of improper oral habits or indigestion.

The fibers present in the apple’s skin and flesh scrubs the tongue and gums, removing any trace of residue responsible for bad breath.

Apples: Not a Substitute for Toothbrushes

While apples are more tooth-friendly than other foods, these shouldn’t replace your child’s toothbrush. Apples still have sugar and acid, after all, which can damage teeth. Any prolonged traces of the same on the tooth’s surface will only reverse the benefits of the apple.

After eating, encourage your child to brush so the plaque will not attach to the teeth. If they don’t have a toothbrush, have them drink a glass of water. It is also important to visit the dentist regularly for check-ups.

So, the next time you’re in the supermarket, stock up on apples. They are too beneficial not to place in your child’s lunchbox every day.