Getting Fit in Australia One of the most common excuses that people have for not being able to lose weight is that they don’t have enough time. When you work all day, have to pick up your kids from school, and run countless errands, when will you ever get to exercise? It might sound hopeless, but the truth is, you are never too busy to have a healthy lifestyle.

There are plenty of people out there who stay fit even though they have tight schedules. It’s just a matter of making a few adjustments to your habits, and having your priorities right.

Step 1: Quit eating junk

When you’re at work, you’re probably tempted to just get something from the vending machine or order fast food. Losing weight is primarily about your diet, so this has to stop. You need nutritious, filling meals.

Learn to prepare your food ahead of time, so that you only need to stick them in the microwave at work. For instance, you can grill enough chicken breasts to last you for an entire week, and keep them in the freezer. Fix yourself some nice stir fried vegetables and baked potatoes in the morning, and you now have something decent for lunch.

This does require effort, but probably less than you would expect. In any event, it’s necessary if you’re actually serious about losing weight.

Step 2: Make time for exercise

You don’t need to spend countless hours in the gym every day, and doing so would be counter-productive. A good workout should be intense enough to be finished in an hour or less. As you also need to give your body time to recover, you only need to do this around three or four times a week. Even you can spare three hours a week, right?

If you need someone to show you the ropes, you can always hire a personal trainer. enumerates its multiple advantages — you have someone to motivate you; they will teach you how to work out without getting injured; and having someone waiting for you will help ensure that you don’t skip any gym sessions.

Step 3: Just stay active

Getting fit is one thing, but staying fit is where a lot of people have trouble. Don’t think of this as a diet or challenge that you stop once you hit your ideal weight. If you want to stay thin, these lifestyle changes need to be permanent.

This doesn’t mean becoming a total health nut, but just making an active effort to not be sedentary. Make fitness a natural part of your routine, and staying lean will be much easier.