woman stretching her legs

High-intensity interval training or HIIT is one of the biggest fitness trends this year — and for a good reason. It burns more fat, helps you maintain muscle mass, and is excellent for beginners.

HIIT is a cardio workout which involves pushing yourself to your limit in quick bursts then dialing down to a regular intensity or a period of complete rest. You do this repeatedly for a short amount of time per activity. It may be simple, but the results don’t lie.

Older women, in particular, can greatly benefit from HIIT workouts. In fact, many personal fitness centers for women in LaGrange now include HIIT in their fitness programs.

Improves Heart Health

While all types of exercise are generally good for the heart, a HIIT regimen greatly improves the heart health of adults with coronary heart disease. In fact, the shorter and more intense workout sessions boost the flexibility and elasticity of your arteries. This, in turn, helps promote the development of your circulatory system and improve your blood pressure.

Pro tip: remember to consult your doctor if you plan to start a HIIT regimen or other exercise programs to find out possible health restrictions. Make sure to tell your trainer about any health conditions you may have, as well.

Boosts Metabolism

woman doing floor exercise

HIIT triggers faster metabolism, allowing you to burn more fat without affecting your muscle mass. You continue burning fat and calories up to a day after a HIIT workout, in fact. It also boosts mitochondrial capacity in older adults. Also, HIIT activates a greater production of the human growth hormone, which helps burn more calories.

Moreover, improved mitochondrial function and production of the human growth hormone help slow down your aging process on a cellular level. This makes you feel younger and stronger.

Needs No Equipment

You may use jumping ropes, weights, and other equipment while working out in the gym, but you can still do HIIT workouts with no tools. You simply need your body and a timer. This proves useful whenever you need to go on an out-of-town trip or can’t go out because of the weather.

There are a lot of HIIT workouts you can do at home to maximize its benefits. You can either search for a plan you can follow online, or better yet, ask your trainer for a personalized workout plan. Get started on your HIIT workout as soon as you can to boost your heart health, metabolism, and start feeling young again.