Many people think of great smiles as being the preserve of the young, but with more and more older people back on the market after getting divorced when all the kids have left home, having a great smile has never been so important for the over 50s. Those who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s do not naturally think about teeth whitening. In their teens and early 20s, there was no way to get whiter teeth and many had wonky teeth too, as braces were for those with seriously wonky teeth only.

The over 50s are not so bothered about teeth being perfectly aligned, but they are also of an age where decades of cups of tea, coffee, and glasses of red wine have left their mark. There’s probably some nasty old tobacco stains in the mix too, even though they gave up smoking years ago. Middle aged daters can steal a march on their competitors by getting all those stains removed with teeth whitening in Belfast. This very popular treatment is available from great cosmetic dentists such as those at Blue Sky Dentistry.

It may seem like a huge indulgence but getting teeth whitening in Belfast can pay dividends in attracting new partners. This treatment boosts confidence so that people smile more. Along with that, having whiter teeth can shave years off one’s age, as white teeth are associated with youth when enamel is thicker and the yellower dent in below does not show through so much.

There are 2 ways to get teeth whitening in Belfast. The first is to get it carried out by the dentist. In-clinic whitening uses a more powerful hydrogen peroxide gel. The patient chooses how white they want to go and then it takes around an hour to whiten the teeth to the chosen shade. It may take a bit longer if the teeth are very badly stained.

At-home whitening is the same process except that the gel is weaker and is put into bespoke gel trays instead of being painted directly onto the teeth by the dentist. The patient wears the trays for a short period each day and treatment takes 2-3 weeks to complete.