proper oral hygieneIt is common knowledge that proper oral hygiene, along with regular visits to the dentist, is the key element to a healthy mouth. While there is no questioning this truth, there are many dental facts not accessible to public knowledge.

To enlighten more people about their mouth, the British Dental Health Foundation has gathered some interesting facts.

48% of the British population are unhappy with their smile

According to the survey, a ‘smile’ is the first thing people notice when meeting a person.

Brits have rated smiles the second most important feature in attraction, after personality. They have also rated the teeth as the most important body feature, compared to face, body shape, hair and height.

Ironically, nearly half of the population is discontent with their smile. Sixty-four per cent of those report discoloured teeth as the reason, followed by crooked teeth. says clear and invisible braces have helped significantly in improving the public’s perception of their smiles.

2,000 Brits die of oral cancer every year

An estimated 91% of oral cancer cases are associated with major lifestyle and other factors. Lifestyle factors include smoking (65%), alcohol (30%) and infections (13%).

According to Cancer Research UK, a fruit and vegetable-rich diet can protect people from oral cancer. Likewise, inadequate consumption is linked to nearly 56% of oral cancer cases in the country.

27% of adults consult their dentist only when they have a problem

The field of preventative dentistry is concerned with prevention of dental problems instead of their cure. Dental professionals continuously encourage their patients to subscribe to these instructions, yet a staggering 27% of the population apparently are not as keen on preventative care.

The ‘Bad British Teeth’ are a myth

Brits are often criticised for having noticeably horrible teeth and overall oral hygiene. In contrast, research reveals that 92% of American adults show signs of tooth decay, while only 28% in England have the same problem.

Given the statistics, caring for your teeth and mouth should be a continuous effort. This includes proper oral hygiene and avoidance of unhealthy substances. Keep in mind that behind every dashing smile is a healthy set of teeth.