kitchen staffRunning a kitchen where orders from customers pile up every minute can be a nightmare. So, it is important that everyone in the food industry adheres to two things – speedy service and flavorful food. Sometimes, however, achieving speed without compromising flavor can be a daunting task.

Here are surefire hacks that can help you keep a fast service in the kitchen without compromising the taste of your food:

Have Well-Trained Kitchen Staff

Just like in any business, having well-trained people in a restaurant kitchen can do so much in propelling the business towards success. It is essential that the kitchen personnel know how to prioritize orders. They should know the safe, basic food preparation, as well as the cooking time needed for each type of food. A mastery of these things will help ensure that food orders are prepared in the fastest manner without compromising its taste.

Go for Everything “Pre”

Simply go for pre-sliced, pre-measured, and other “pre” things. If 60 percent of your dishes use diced or minced onions, then better prepare a handful of pre-diced or pre-minced onions before the service. Also, choose bases that are flavorful, so it will be easier for you to taste and determine the final outcome of the dish. One example is to choose a rich chicken base soup that could make your chicken dishes taste fantastic!

Use the Right Equipment

Each type of food preparation will require a certain set of kitchen equipment. You need a different type of equipment for grilling and another one for frying. You also need to have the right kitchen tools. It is vital that you always have sharp knives in the kitchen, for instance.

When orders keep on piling up, the kitchen may be the most stressful environment. So to keep the customers happy, make sure that you get the right staff, prep everything, and use the proper equipment. Keeping these three in mind will definitely help your kitchen achieve maximum efficiency without compromising the food flavor, which can lead to a successful dinner or lunch service.