Family MattersEvery newlywed couple has one question in mind: are you ready to build your own family? The thought can be really exciting, but it can also be scary at the same time. Taking your relationship to the next level is no joke — and here you both are, thinking of raising your own kids. How do you know when the right time is?

Age is not just a number

Interestingly, if the only concern you have is about how old you and your spouse should be, lucky you! The Sydney Morning Herald earlier reported that Dutch scientists from Erasmus University in the Netherlands came up with a study that will help couples “decide what time was right.” Their findings? If you want to have at least three children, the mother should start conceiving by 23. However, if you’re only aiming to have a single kid, the latest age would be 32.

Money really matters

When, however, money is the issue for you and your partner, you will really need to talk about expanding your family first. Raising kids can be expensive — you will have to take care of all their expenses: from food to school-related needs. Not to mention other necessities, such as your own house and where to live. Are you better off in Sydney or in Perth? You and your partner will also reach a time when you will need to buy a new car in Perth to fit everyone else.

How to resolve your greenback problems

Fortunately, there are many ways to cope with your money matters. For one, you and your partner could start really early with your joint savings account. That way, when the time comes, both of you will have money to spend. You can even set up a savings account for your children — a source for their needs such as education. For simple matters such as baby clothes and the like, it’s always better to just ask help from friends—request for hand-me-downs instead of investing in new baby stuff. They’ll grow out of it fast anyway.

Most importantly, it’s best if you and your partner talk about the matter. That way, you’ll be on the same page and decision making will be much easier.