Woman reading a book at the parkThere are many things you can do to unwind. Even though they both make you feel slightly better, some habits are healthy and fun, while others are harmful to your health. Stress should not be a reason to develop unhealthy vices.

Rather than letting your body suffer in the long run for a temporary way to feel good, do the following:

Go on a Retreat

When things get too much, no one can blame you for wanting to go away. But where will you go? It is tempting to go somewhere Instagram friendly, so you will have something to post on social media. If other people cannot feel envious about your vacation, is it really a good one? That seems like the sentiment these days, but you are not taking a vacation just for the great photos. You need to unwind, so consider yoga and meditation retreats or other more meaningful ways to spend your vacation.

These are good ideas even if you are not doing something worth posting on your status or wall. Give your body time to relax; your Instagram can survive a day without a new update.

Stay Indoors and Disconnect

Some people enjoy staying with friends and talking for hours, but if you feel you cannot focus on the conversation anymore, have some alone time. Being alone is not something to fear; it is a time for you to reconnect with yourself and put your needs before anyone else’s. New moms need this, stressed employees wish to have more of this, and even students need to be without their peers to remember the important things in their lives.

During your alone time, go ahead and do whatever you want. Do whatever makes you happy, as long as you are not breaking the law. There will be no one around to judge you.

Read a Book

It is never a bad idea to feed your mind. While you may argue that you read all sorts of articles online, a book is different. You are training yourself to be more patient and you are also strengthening your concentration. These help you function better at your job.

Moreover, if you choose the right book, you will also be educating yourself about controversial topics. Next time you talk about them, you will have a better way of expressing your opinions because you know what you are talking about.

Do the Little Things

Woman pampering herself at the spa

There are some tasks that you keep delaying because they were not important enough back when you were busy with bigger tasks. Now that the bigger tasks are done, you just don’t want to do the smaller tasks because you know you can finish them quickly. You keep delaying until the last possible minute, but since that leaking faucet is not exactly stopping you from taking a bath, it is just not an immediate concern.

You tell yourself you can survive another day eating in bowls because all the plates are dirty. You order pizza because you haven’t done the groceries and are out of ingredients for a healthy meal.

It is time to clear your checklist. You will feel good about yourself after that’s all done. Who wants to be stressed and always on the verge of a meltdown? No one. Do something productive to help your mood pick up.