oral careIt is understandable why people think that a lost tooth is a lost cause, especially in adults. Fully-fledged teeth cannot grow back and to many British people, they just let it be. The myth that that people from the Isles have bad teeth is somewhat true, but only in the sense that they have poor dental hygiene.

A lost tooth is small in stature but significant in effect. It may not be discernible now, but in time, that empty socket will haul someone’s oral health to the dumps. Moreover, its consequences ripple far beyond the confines of a person’s teeth.

Accelerated Bone Loss

As people become older, their bones get more brittle. As such, it will not be hard for them to lose their natural teeth. For young people, however, lost tooth is a serious matter. So serious, in fact, that it may result to faster bone loss. The process will not be visible for a number of years, even decades; but it definitely is eating away at a person’s bones.

Chewing and Speaking Impairment

When bones lose width and height, the gum tissue surrounding it will also slowly diminish. More than anything, that will impinge on the chewing and speaking capacities. The more lost teeth, the more the situation becomes graver. Not only will it ruin someone’s facial aesthetics, but it will also deplete the mouth’s functionality.

Dental Treatment Failure

Thanks to dental implants Harley Street and other localised dental offices are known for, people do not have to travel far to acquire proper treatment. Still, many people prioritise less severe, cheap-to-fix dental problems. Root canals, crowns and other dental treatments, however, will ultimately fail because of the lack of structural integrity. It may not happen in the immediate future, but it will happen. In a decade or more, empty sockets will take its toll.

It is always possible fix someone’s teeth. It does not matter if they are 30 or even 45, so long as their other teeth are still holding up there is still a chance. But as always, prevention is better than cure. Plug those empty sockets now before it is too late.