RehabYou may have heard of the saying, “Too much of a good thing is bad.” How about when it comes to alcohol and drugs?

Alcoholic beverages and drugs are not entirely health hazards. In fact, drugs mainly functions to treat illnesses. Drinking excessive amount of alcohol or taking unnecessary drugs, however, makes these things harmful, not the beverage or medicine itself.

When addiction sets in, it is hard to shake off the urges. If a loved one or you yourself is struggling with substance or alcohol abuse, the agents from Renaissance Ranch recommends entering a rehab facility.

There are a range of programs that can help you or a loved one recover from addiction. Some treatment programs are either for alcohol abuse or for drug abuse only, and there are rehabilitation courses that cater to both abusive practices, as well.


This is ideal if you or your loved one needs to live inside a rehabilitation facility as part of the treatment. Your stay can vary depending on the kind of problem you have. For drug-related issues, in particular, there are long-term and short-term treatment options.


Outpatient programs are available in varying levels of intensity in services. For alcohol abusers, intensive outpatient treatment is usually suitable for use to prevent relapses. For drug abusers, you have the choice on the intensity of your treatment or that of your loved ones.


You can choose between individual, group, or family counseling programs. Each type focuses on different issues and needs. Family programs for alcohol abusers, for example, aim to help repair familial relationships aside from the main problem. Individual treatments for drug abusers, on the other hand, are more on the individual and the rehabilitation of their impaired functioning in the personal aspects of the person’s life.

Recovery from alcohol or substance abuse takes time, sometimes several years. Choosing a treatment program is the first step. An addiction-free life may still be a long way off, but it will all be worth it.