Eyebrow in Australia The eyes may be your windows to the world. But, your eyebrows may be your bridge to your next partner. That thin layer of hair above your eye can actually talk for you.

Eyebrows are close to the eyes and show significant expressions, too. Many women have their eyebrows done to reflect a certain character, as described by The Brow and Skin Studio.

If you are good with body language or non-verbal cues, you will understand how useful the eyebrows are. It can give both intentional and unconscious signals of how a person feels.

In dating, one of the vital cues when approaching someone is the ‘eyebrow flash’. It is the unconscious movement of the eyebrow when you want to approach another person. The person raises his or her eyebrows unconsciously for one-fifth of a second. After that, the eyebrows will return to its comfortable position.

This displays that you are preparing for social interaction. The interesting fact is that people return the gesture if they are also interested. But since it is so quick, then try to be keen if you want to observe someone do this.

Dating experts will describe it as a sign of flirtation or gesture of interest. Some psychologists will mention that the eyebrow flash comes from the subconscious and human nature. It could mean a sign of romantic or sexual interest when people do it. Same with how pupils dilate when people see someone attractive.

The eyebrow flash, however, is not limited to romantic context. The reflex also shows you know someone you saw, an acknowledgement. For example, you will unconsciously do it when you see a friend from a distance.

Same with other organs and body parts, the dynamics in the brain results in the eyebrow movements. Eyebrows may raise when shocked or surprised. In addition, there are also voluntary gestures done with the eyebrows. For instance, it is common to say that someone raising an eyebrow shows disapproval. Most of these, however, vary in different cultures.

The eyebrows can portray a lot about a person’s thoughts and feelings. Still, it is not always ideal to use it as the sole basis to judge people.