Patient LossAs an orthodontist, your practice means everything to you. Regardless of your reasons for becoming a licensed practitioner, you need to do everything you can to keep it running as smoothly as possible, which means turning prospects into patients, retaining existing patients, and having your existing patients refer you to other people in need of orthodontic treatment.

However, commit these three mistakes and you can expect to lose a lot of your patients.

  1. Not keeping yourself and your staff updated on dental breakthroughs.

Although not all breakthroughs in the oral health industry are game changers, many of them are. So you and your staff have to be on your toes when it comes to such breakthroughs. Keeping yourself and your staff updated on cutting edge techniques, more affordable methods of performing the same procedures, and ways of shortening procedure time will all contribute to the stability of your practice.

Moreover, investing your time in keeping abreast of innovations will pay for itself quickly not only in terms of profits, but in several other ways such as better credibility, enhanced professional reputation, and increased customer satisfaction.

  1. Forgetting to instill the “wow” factor in your office.

Nowadays, with so many orthodontic offices all over the country, you need to stay on top of your game or you are at great risk of losing your prospective patients and even existing ones to your competitors. So you need to instill as much wow factor as you can in your office.

Making your patients in awe of you can start from the simplest things like better advertisements to more major changes like making over your office’s exterior and interior. You do not have to spend a lot of money just to impress your patients and prospects. What is important is to make them want to go inside your office and feel very comfortable inside.

  1. Using orthodontic appliances that keep failing.

When your existing patients always come to you because of failing appliances, it most likely is not your fault, but the quality of the supplies you are using. When these situations keep happening, know it is time to change orthodontics lab, Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab says, and make the switch to an orthodontic appliance supplier known for producing top notch products.

Keep in mind and implement all these strategies, and you can rest assure you will not lose patients and instead, gain more.