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Facts of Orofacial Cleft Origins and Treatment

An orofacial cleft is a group of conditions that include cleft lip (CL), and cleft palate (CP), cosmetic conditions that have serious consequences on a patient’s health and quality of life. There are several ways a patient can get either CL or CP, but the most common cause is genetic. This means that the majority

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Air Conditioner

Staying Warm During Winter and Cool During Summer

When it’s cold, everybody complains about the cold, but when it’s hot, everybody complains about the heat. Bottom line is, nobody is ever satisfied with the weather. That is why your homes, cars, offices, and malls are equipped with not only air conditioners but also heaters. So unless you are in a perpetually perfect weather,

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Biting Stone: How Hard are Teeth?

There are several articles written about the resilience of the human body when environmental stresses put it to the test. The femur is as strong as steel, adrenaline can enable a person to perform amazing feats of strength, so on and so forth. But, nobody ever talks about the enamel of teeth, which is strange

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Study Shows Higher Sickness, Obesity Rates Among Shift Workers

People who work in shifts have a higher chance of getting sick and being obese, claims one study on the workforce of the United Kingdom. Serious Health Problems A survey by the Health and Social Care Information Centre has concluded that shift workers live lifestyles that are less healthy than normal. “Overall, people who are

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