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Traditional Wedding Looks in Asia: A Guide for Aspiring Makeup Artists

Western wedding culture is, more or less, homogeneous: it usually involves a white wedding dress and a veil, so you always have something familiar to work with. Asian wedding cultures, however, are vastly diverse — one makeup style and technique won’t work for all of them. So, what’s a makeup artist to do? An Asian bridal

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An Introvert’s Quick Guide to Partying

For introverts, parties are a whole new world. Attending gatherings and soirees can be a horrible prospect, but there will surely come a time when you’ll be required to attend these events — your boss may delegate this task to you or your brother is getting married. Whatever it is, parties will occupy a portion

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Colleagues Enjoying their Work at Herston

Building a Strong and Powerful Team Through Recognition

Business leaders need to satisfy a range of aspects to create a strong, powerful team. One of these is the ability to convince talents to stay in the company. Power teams comprise members with an intense sense of belonging, which makes them want to contribute more towards achieving set goals. One of the most important

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Branding, Labelling & Packaging: Why Prioritise Them

The first thing that comes into mind when a consumer looks at a product immediately influences his/her next action. This is the primary reason why you should put branding and packaging on the top of your priorities. And while some people say that it is the content that matters the most, the outward appearance still

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Addiction Mindsets that Go Against Acceptance and Seeking Assistance

Have friends and family shown concern over your supposed alcohol or substance “addiction”? Have you seen signs of abuse showing up in your lifestyle and even your looks? You may be going through the following attitude issues and they’re stopping you from seeking help. Open your mind before reading on. Denial The biggest factor that

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May-Thurner Syndrome: Different Treatment Methods

The May-Thurner Syndrome is not a disease, but a condition wherein a part of the left common iliac vein has a narrow area which could lead to blood clotting in the left leg. This is due to the pressure that is applied by a pelvic artery that lies on top of the left common iliac

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Why People are Going Gaga Over Medical Spas

The quest for eternal youth has left many people searching for the fountain of youth, which according to legends, lies hidden somewhere out there. Forget about the fountain of youth for a second because even the next generation may not be able to catch a glimpse of it, much less drink from it. What do

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3 Signs You’ve Already Found Your Lobster

In one episode of Friends, Phoebe exclaimed, “She’s your lobster!” to Ross. The two characters were talking about the relationship between Ross and Rachel. What Phoebe was trying to explain is that Rachel is Ross’ lobster – she’s his partner for life. Unlike other species in the animal kingdom, lobsters mate with a single partner

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The Pain is too Much: Protect Yourself from Sports Injuries

Exercise and playing sports is a great way to release stress, reduce weight, and get your blood pumping. But, sometimes poor training, inappropriate gear, inadequate warm up and stretching as well as anatomical abnormalities and muscle weakness can lead you to suffer sports injuries particularly in your spine, shoulder, elbows, knees and ankles. 1. Sprain

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