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Is Your Child Constipated?

Constipation may be a common problem in many children, but it isn’t actually much of a concern. This is mainly because it often gets better with the right diet and home remedies. It can also be prevented with healthy eating and fitness habits. What are the signs I should look for? Having difficulty pooping is

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Parents playing with their child

4 Parenting Tips to Apply to Your Kids

Parenting sure can be difficult at times, especially if you have more than one kid. It can be hard to try and discipline them all and impose a healthy and good relationship with them. First-time parents are usually the ones who find it hard to discipline their kids, which is why in this guide, The

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a worried senior man

3 Ways to Deal With Your Aging Parents’ Irrational Fears

According to studies, anxiety increases as people age. With drastic life changes, health problems and stresses from experiences, older adults tend to worry more. In most instances though, caregivers find themselves nursing not just everyday anxieties but irrational fears as well. You’ve probably observed this yourself with your aging parents telling you that there’s a

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A Dental Hygienist Working

The Benefits of A Dental Hygienist In Richmond

Many people fail to realise that visiting the dentist involves more than seeing the dentist alone. An important part of every dental visit involves cleaning, scaling and polishing the teeth and this treatment is often carried out by a hygienist. A dental hygienist in Richmond specialises in preventive oral care and hygiene. An experienced and

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invisalign braces

Invisalign in St John’s Wood: Next Year’s Big Investment?

When people think about how they would like to upgrade their image, they tend to think in terms of short or long-term investments. Great new clothes, haircuts and shoes tend to be short-term investments. Cars can really say something about a person and they are a more long-term investment. But teeth, they are always there,

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Invisalign Braces

Can Everyone Have Invisalign In Luton?

Invisalign is a discreet way for image-conscious teenagers and adults to straighten their teeth and restore their smile. However, this method is not as versatile as common braces and not everyone is eligible to undertake it – sometimes patients can switch to Invisalign after they have been initially treated by a different method. Invisalign in

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Woman at the Dentist

Life After Dental Implants in Birmingham

Ask anyone who has had dental implants in Birmingham and they will tell you that it is quite a ride. There’s the detailed first consultation to find out if the jawbone can cope with implants, then there’s the actual implant surgery, followed by at least two months healing time before the new teeth can be

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Yoga and Meditation: Which One Is Better?

How many times have you heard the words “yoga” and “meditation” used interchangeably? People often think they are the same. Some would even consider them as inseparable mind and body practices. While yoga is widely accepted as a form of holistic practice, meditation solely focuses on relaxation and concentration of the mind. It is easy

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Veneers in London

Johnny Rotten Teeth No More

Everyone faces the music once in a while – the former Sex Pistols lead singer is not an exception. John Lydon, a 61-year-old musician, was a member of a legendary band in England. During his career, people knew him better by his stage name, Johnny Rotten – a humorous reference to his oral health’s degrading

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