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a woman feeling cold in winter

Winter Skin Care: Preventing Acne Breakouts During the Cold Season

In case you’re still following your summer skin care routine despite the sub-zero temperature outside, it’s time to make a switch. Your skin needs a different kind of care as the temperature drops to prevent acne breakout. Skin Therapy, a skin care clinic specializing in acne, believes there is no one-size-fits-all product solution for each

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a woman at the dentist

Find A Cosmetic Dentist And Get A Smile To Be Proud Of

Since the beginning of dentistry, people have been visiting dentists to improve their smile cosmetically as well as medically. Humans are somewhat vain by nature, and want to look their best. Way back when people would have their rotten teeth replaced by wooden, gold or teeth taken from a corpse, it was as much about

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Tattoo artist

How to Remove a Tattoo: Options to Consider

A tattoo is permanent piece of art on a person’s body. This is the first thing you need to understand, mainly the “permanent” aspect of it when trying to decide whether to get a tattoo or not. With that being said, regardless of how in love you are of your tattoo, there’s a chance that

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boy brushing his teeth

3 Vital Tips to Ensure the Oral Health of Your Kids

The first set of teeth in kids are called milk teeth. They grow for a limited period, often within five years, after which they begin falling off and are replaced by other permanent teeth. It may be because these teeth are not permanent that many parents are not keen on their children’s oral health. That

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a dental check up

What Everyone Should Know About Dental Pulp Diseases

Poor oral health habits are the number one cause of tooth pain, tooth decay, and various oral heal diseases. Failing to maintain proper oral hygiene, such as regularly brushing your teeth and flossing, could result in the development of cavities. If not addressed as early as possible, cavities could easily infect your tooth’s pulp, which

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Team of surgeons in an operating room

How to Prepare Yourself for Surgery

If you’re concerned about undergoing surgery, taking the time to weigh all your options before and after a surgical procedure can help you relax and avoid complications. Knowing what you can expect and receiving proper postoperative care will help ensure that you will come out of the operating room with minimal stress. Below are simple

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Types of Electronic Mobility Devices for the Visually Impaired

Mobility is an essential element in everyone’s quality of life. Limited mobility will significantly complicate the extent to which you enjoy your life and handle your activities of daily living. Luckily this is not the case nowadays with the advent of a broad range of mobility aids. When most people think of mobility aids, however,

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Little boy brushing his teeth

Treatment Alternatives for Bad Breath in Children

Different dental issues affect children from time to time. While most parents will seek treatment for tooth decay, retained milk teeth, orthodontic issues, and broken teeth, few pay any attention to bad breath or halitosis in kids. They assume this is a passing issue that does not need medical treatment, and they try various homemade

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3 Weird Yet Effective Ways to Contribute to Medicine

One of the most exciting scientific fields is healthcare and medicine. Not everyone, though, can participate as a doctor or any other health professional. Is there another way to contribute to it? The answer is yes. The following can be weird or even gross ideas, but they are effective or show a lot of promise

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a doctor holding an injection

The Benefits of Vitamin B-12 Injections

Cobalamin, more commonly known as vitamin B-12, is important in keeping the body’s nerves and blood cells healthy. This nutrient is also responsible for making genetic cells such as DNA. Unfortunately, the body cannot effectively synthesize sufficient amounts of vitamin B-12. As such, this vitamin must be taken in through food and supplements. Getting vitamin

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