Minority Thing

3 Advantages of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is nothing new in today’s generation. It is also sometimes called aesthetic surgery. A lot of people seek this type of surgery because of various reasons. The main reason why people undergo such procedure is to enhance their physical appearance. There are other instances wherein going through the process of this surgery is

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White Teeth

Teeth Whitening Mistakes: Are You Guilty?

Who does not want to have whiter teeth? Probably no one.  Most (if not all) people want to have that perfectly white set; hence, numerous teeth whitening products have come out on the market. Surf the internet and you will likewise find a lot of home remedies that help whiten the teeth. Oh, that sparkling

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Orthodontic Treatment

Early Orthodontic Treatment: When Can My Child Get Braces?

The main objective of orthodontic treatment is ensuring correct alignment of the teeth for better oral health. Normally, it addresses abnormal bite and fix protruding, crowded or crooked teeth, so that you can eat and speak properly. The great thing about this treatment is you can have that smile you always wanted. Standard orthodontic treatment

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Tattooing in Brisbane

Know the Tattoo Laws in Brisbane

Centuries ago, people practiced body arts in the form of tattoos. Tattoos became cool forms of art used to express personalities, beliefs or emotions. Tattoos are art forms that don’t get out of the trends. But even if tattoos can be a personal choice, there are things you should consider before pushing through with your

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The Right Razor

The First Timer’s Guide to Shaving: Choosing Razors and Shaving Cream

It’s an exciting thing to see the first strands of hair erupting from your chin and upper lip. After all, facial hair’s the signal that you’re past childhood and are now taking your first steps into adolescence, and eventually into adulthood. There’s no denying that there’s an allure to sporting a rugged beard and matching

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Millennials Online

Millennials Online: Are They Bullies or Bullied?

Millennials are those born after the year 1980. The oldest of them are just in their mid-thirties, and the rest are born in the age of computers and the Internet. One cannot mention the word “millennials” without citing a social networking site immediately after. To the world, millennials are young people who spend too much

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The Perfect Playground Design

Beyond the Sandbox and Monkey Bars: The Perfect Playground Design

Playing is a time of exploration, testing limitations and transcending possibilities. It is a moment where children get to enjoy their differences and create a world where everyone is on equal ground. When children play, everyone becomes a valued participant. A Note from the Wise These words of wisdom, gleaned from the observations of important

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Why a Gender-Specific Environment is Best for Treating Addiction in Women

Substance abuse may be more prevalent in men, but women have a greater tendency to become addicted more quickly. In a society where women play a major role, this could be bad news since a women’s greater predisposition to depression is influential. Not all is lost, however. Rehabilitation professionals and others like vizown.com noted that

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Important Dos and Don’ts of Marriage Proposals

Being engaged is one of the best feelings in the world. Popping the questions is exciting but can also come with a lot of pressure. You have to prepare for it in advance to make it an unforgettable moment and of course, earn that “yes.” Here are some dos and don’ts to help you plan

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