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Treating your Pesky Migraine: Medications to Consider

Unfortunately, researchers have yet to find a cure for migraine, but there are several migraine treatment options to help alleviate your symptoms. Know however that it could take some experimentation with your doctor to work out the most suitable treatment option for you. Killing Migraine Pain with Painkillers Majority of migraine sufferers opt for OTC

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Take Some Time Off for a Meditation Retreat to Sort Your Life Out

Do you sometimes find yourself having so many thoughts running inside your head? Do you feel like you have a difficult time sleeping at night because you have so many unsettled matters in different aspects of your life? With the hustle and bustle of life nowadays, this would be no surprise for a lot of

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physical theraphy

Physical Therapy: What is It Exactly?

Generally speaking, physical therapy is involved in managing and treating pain, impaired mobility, and disability through massage, exercises, joint mobilization, and myofascial techniques. Contrary to what some may have heard, physical therapy is in fact based on sound scientific and health principles. Overview of Physical Therapy Treatment The primary job of a physical therapist in

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‘Steadfast and Vigilant’, Motto of the Singapore Armed Forces Volunteer Corps

The SAF Volunteer Corps, commonly known as the SAFVC, began accepting applicants last October 2014. This SAF volunteer scheme is open for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents not eligible for National Service. These include new citizens, 1st generation permanent residents, and women. The initiative aims to allow more Singaporeans and permanent residents to show support for

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A Case of Sweet Tooth: Dental Implants Beneficial for Diabetics

Dental implants are a popular treatment in the UK for people who have missing teeth, but apparently not everyone qualifies for the therapy. First on that list are diabetics. Some say that the treatment is not good for people with diabetes because increased blood sugar levels interfere with wound healing. A recent study, however, debunks

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Post Thrombotic Syndrome

What You Need to Know about Post Thrombotic Syndrome

In the United States, around 330,000 people suffer from Post Thrombotic Syndrome (PTS).  It occurs in nearly half of the people with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), a blood clot in the leg due to poor vein circulation. What is Post Thrombotic Syndrome? Our veins have small valves. These valves are responsible for bringing back de-oxygenated

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3 Teeth Whitening Myths You Should Never Believe

A flawless set of teeth is one of the most important factors that people need to complete their total makeover. The alignment and shape of your teeth are not the only features that deserve attention, though. Their colour could slightly mask those imperfections, as well. If you are planning to visit cosmetic dentists in Northern

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Serum Therapy Reaches Ebola-Stricken Liberia

The experimental serum therapy has finally reached Liberia in the hopes of alleviating the disease in the most Ebola-afflicted country in West Africa. Experimental Treatment Serum therapy comes from the antibodies found in the blood of Ebola survivors. Medical practitioners report that survivors have successfully combated the virus to ease its harmful effects. Doctors then

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