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close up eye and eyebrow

Methods of Eyebrow Enhancement

Since the eyes are considered the window to your soul, the eyelashes and eyebrows might be regarded as the curtains. Just like the draperies on windows, the ideal proportion and shape for your eyebrows are the critical element for your facial balance. You might assume that you need not do much if your natural eyebrows

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woman taking care of an old man

Opening the Discussion of Living Arrangements With Aging Parents

Older adults and their children must carefully weigh living arrangement options based on both practical and personal considerations. As with most questions surrounding elder living and elder care, living arrangements are best discussed early. Selecting housing and care arrangements is one of the most important discussions that older adults must make with their children. As

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woman tiptoeing

Bunion Correctors as a Treatment Option: How Does It Work?

Feet are one of the most important parts of the body. We use the feet to go to a destination. Feet also provide balance and help us be more active through physical exercise. At the end of the day, this body part deserves some TLC so you could be ready for the next day. Meanwhile,

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Pregnant women meditating

Prenatal Yoga: How to Practise Yoga Safely Throughout Your Pregnancy

You found out that you’re pregnant, and now you’re thinking if you can continue doing your yoga practice. The good news is you can still do — prenatal yoga that is. Prenatal yoga was created to provide pregnant women with a therapeutic application and specialised instruction of yoga poses that takes into account its benefits,

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Having a sinus checkup

Making Life Easier When You Have Sinusitis

You have just found a detailed set of instructions on how to clean your clogged nose with a solution consisting of salt and water. It seems straightforward and easy. If you think about it, sniffing salt water into one nostril could be very uncomfortable. Before you even try, perhaps you should know a thing or

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woman with eating disorder

How to Help Your Loved One with Anorexia Nervosa

An eating disorder is a serious health condition that requires medical attention. Otherwise, the person suffering from this ordeal could end up with disastrous results. The sad truth, however, is when we know someone who suffers from this condition, some of us tend to delay suggesting that they go straight to a treatment center perhaps because

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counselor with a patient

Psychotherapy Techniques Used for Psychoanalysis

Conditions affecting an individual’s psychological well-being are currently among the leading worldwide. These not only negatively impact a patient’s overall health but also his/her social interactions. There are different approaches used for psychotherapy. The most common approaches are linked to cognitive, behavioural, humanistic and psychoanalysis theories. Although very effective, psychoanalysis is the most misunderstood method

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Happy woman with nice teeth

Keep Your Teeth Healthy in These 5 Ways

Having healthy teeth is very important for the well-being of a person. The food and drinks that you take can have a huge effect on the organs of your body. You can floss, brush your teeth daily, and go to a general dentist in Sandy to maintain the wellness of your teeth. Having fresh breath is

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The Most Common Problems for Aging Adults

If a loved one is starting to get on in years, there are many health problems that could crop up even if they have led the healthiest of lives. You need to make sure that they are prepared to face any health issue with the best treatment and safety equipment, such as bathroom safety equipment

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How to Eliminate Your Kid’s Fear of the Dentist

Taking children to the dentist to keep their teeth and mouth healthy can be a struggle for some parents. To these kids, a trip to the dentist almost feels like a visit to the boogeyman. And although getting an Invisalign treatment from Redwood Orthodontics in West Jordan, for example, is a necessary step, it can

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