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Feeling Low? Three Ways to Improve Mood through the Senses

Mood is simply defined as an emotional state. As a state, it is affected by stimuli and may differ in intensity. Although it is largely an internal state, outside factors may affect it just as much. The concept that mood is influenced by stimuli – visual, gastronomic, tactile, auditory and olfactory – propels researchers to

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Why Office Partitions Are Important For Employees

Every employee aims to perform and deliver quality work every day. With so many responsibilities and obligations in hand, how can a person finish all the tasks if the surrounding is a big factor for distraction? An office should not be just a place of work; it should be an extension of personal sanctuary to

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What You Need to Know about Pharmaceutical Compounding

For some medical conditions, a manufactured drug may not be the best choice for your cure. The body reacts to illnesses differently and in most cases, standard dosage forms may not work. This is where pharmaceutical compounding comes in. The Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) defines pharmaceutical compounding as the art and science of

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Charity: Lifestyle Factors Cut Dementia Risk

Charity group Age UK claims there are five lifestyle-related factors that cut the risk of dementia. The group cites a study it currently funds: the University of Edinburgh’s The Disconnected Mind project. Estimates and Figures The rate of the brain’s ageing depends greatly on lifestyle. According to Age UK, 76% of the changes in this

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