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Maintain Health and Fitness: Hobbies for the Golden Years

Hobbies for older generation are not just limited to sewing, playing board games and dining out with friends. In an effort to lead a healthy and rewarding life, many of today’s seniors are getting active and trying other activities that younger age groups seem to enjoy. Seniors are getting involved in new things like sports

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Age and Weight Gain: The Case of Age-Related Metabolic Decline

Your clothes feel tighter, but you’re eating the same amount of food and exercising as much as you have for years. What’s happening? Aging and Weight Gain You have several things working against you, such as genetics, gender, and calorie consumption. Another one is aging. According to studies, a person’s metabolic rate (the number of

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A Three-Step Way to Stop Procrastinating and Start Exercising

So you finally decided that you need to stop procrastinating and just commit to getting and staying fit! Congratulations! But, the next question is, how? Getting fit and staying fit entails having to commit to a suitable program, mystrengthstudio.com professes. There are several types of exercise and fitness training programs, and it can be quite

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Teeth Whitening

From Toothpastes to Lasers: Teeth Whitening Treatments for Every Budget

Teeth whitening involves any procedure that can make your teeth look whiter of lighter. Whitening products can be applied by dentists in their offices, given by dentists for use at home, or purchased by anyone OTC or over-the-counter. Below are the different types of tooth whitening available to you: Teeth Whitening Toothpastes Majority of whitening

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Why Go Organic? Healthier Foods for Kids and Adults

With the prevalence of organic products in the market claiming to be better and healthier than traditionally grown foods, you may be asking yourself if you need to make the switch. Of course, your first step in making the decision is to become an informed customer. Here are reasons why people eat organic—there could be

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Why You Should Invest on an Apartment

Investing on property is a serious thing in Australia, and choosing whether to buy a house or an apartment is always a matter of debate. The Australian dream has always been about buying a house for your family, but many now prefer investing on an apartment due to is more appealing benefits over the traditional

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Bring Back Your Mouth’s Fresh Breath with Breezecare

Many factors cause bad breath, or halitosis. Poor dental hygiene, health problems, the food you eat and unhealthy lifestyle can all play a part in this dreaded condition. Unfortunately, with all the bad breath treatments that are now available on the market, only a small percentage of people suffering from halitosis are finding the right

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Aerial Yoga

A New Twist: What to Expect from Aerial Yoga

Have you ever wished you could swing in the air like acrobats—so easily like a feather but with such grace and strength? Recently, aerial yoga—a mix of yoga and acrobatics—has entered the fitness scene, making it possible to fulfill this wish. You can swing from huge, dangling silk ribbons and execute graceful poses as well!

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Fitness Trainer

Instructor Styles: Group Vs. Single Training

Starting a career in fitness is a relatively simple process from a requirement standpoint. All that an aspiring trainer needs to do is earn a Certificate III for Fitness, and they’re good to go. Applicants don’t even need to have any academic prerequisites or prior knowledge to attend this course; anyone can apply regardless of

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Weak, But Necessary: The Effects of Gravity on the Human Body

Physicists say that gravity is the weakest of the four fundamental forces. While it is the feeblest of them all, it’s all-encompassing and affects the human body in ways no one could imagine. Gravity keeps people glued to the ground, but it can hurt, too. Just visit an orthopedic treatment center and see how many

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