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What NOT to Eat When Wearing Clear Dental Aligners

Clear dental aligners are quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional braces. The number one advantage of custom-fitted clear dental aligners is that they’re removable. Unlike metal braces, you can take your clear aligners out during meals and not have to suffer brushing the individual brackets. But just like in conventional braces, there are dietary restrictions when

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Bunion Correctors as a Treatment Option: How Does It Work?

Feet are one of the most important parts of the body. We use the feet to go to a destination. Feet also provide balance and help us be more active through physical exercise. At the end of the day, this body part deserves some TLC so you could be ready for the next day. Meanwhile,

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Eating Less Is More Effective than Exercise for Weight Loss

When people think about losing weight, getting more exercise is usually what comes to mind. However, exercise alone is almost never sufficient. A healthy and controlled diet is an essential factor in losing weight and keeping the weight off. Starting a Healthy Diet The most efficient way to start a healthy diet is by following

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Keep That Weight Off with the Right Attitude

Loving yourself and giving attention to the physical, mental, and emotional aspect of your being takes a lot of practice and life management skills. As you go through life, there are many things that could bring you down, and that includes self-improvement goals such as losing weight and staying fit. In many cases, weight loss

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Emergency Dental Team

Be prepared. Get an emergency dentist in Southgate

No one ever expects either the Spanish Inquisition or a dental emergency, but when they happen, oh boy, do they ever wish they’d taken preparatory action. There’s not much one can do about the Spanish Inquisition, except not watch too much Monty Python, but when it comes to raging toothache and bashed teeth, it’s easy

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Elevating Career Prospects with Dentist CPD in Watford

CPD (continuous professional development) is compulsory for many professions and dentists are not an exception. However, instead of viewing it as a necessary evil, many dental professionals take advantage of the opportunities offered and use dentist CPD to develop skills and acquire new knowledge. In that respect, CPD has become important in terms of career

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Which Treatments Do People Go Abroad For?

It’s becoming increasingly common for people to go for dental treatment in Hungary, especially for the more expensive elective treatments. These are usually cosmetic dentistry treatments and also treatments such as dental implants. Massive savings Of course, the main reason that people go for dental treatment in Hungary at clinics such as Access Smile is

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Braces Aren’t Just For Kids

Braces in North London used to be worn mainly by kids, but these days adults are getting in on the act too. So much so that there has been a huge advance in the design of braces in North London so that they accommodate the needs of grown people who need to worry about presenting

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