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The Running Problem: Reasons You’re Running Wrong

An easy way to keep yourself active and healthy is by running a good amount of distance regularly. In Brooklyn alone, seven out of 10 adults have exercised in the past month, but only half of them meet the suggested 30 minutes of exercise. You would presume that running is a basic activity that nobody

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The Five Stages of Alcoholism: What All Women Should Know

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), roughly 5.8 million women in the U.S. have AUDs or alcohol use disorders. Are you at risk of developing alcoholism? To start, top alcohol treatment centers for women such as Vizown.com say that knowing the symptoms and indications of every stage of alcoholism may

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3 Exhilarating Activities You Can Try in the Coming Winter

Everyone who loves sports will surely tell you how exciting snow sports can be. They can only enjoy snow sports every winter, so it’s always a big and much-awaited event. You can either spend a ski holiday weekend with your family or go snowboarding with your closest friends. Wherever you go and whoever you invite,

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Oral Care

Early Orthodontic Intervention: Its Role in Preventing Tooth Wear

It is the undeniable truth: tooth wear cases among children continue to increase. Three-quarters of the adult population and more than 50% of children show signs of attrition, abrasion and erosion. The continuous rise of moderate wear in children and young adults is of great concern; this occurrence is an indication of dental damage beyond

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London Bridge

3 Things No One Will Tell You About Life in London

Finally, after eight long months of waiting, you received your visa to live and work or study in London. You excitedly tell everyone—family, friends, and your current employer—about moving to the heart of the United Kingdom. A heavy eight-month long weight is off your shoulders, and you are free to plan the move to a

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Curing Sleep Apnea With the Help of a Dentist

Dental matters aren’t just for teeth—did you know that visiting your local dentist can help with your sleep apnea? More than 18 million Americans experience symptoms of sleep apnea, majority of whom do not get treated. With Medicare and Medicaid asking for reimbursement for procedures that deal with sleep apnea, more patients are hesitating to

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Dig in: Why a Heavier Breakfast May Help You Lose Weight

Most people trying to lose weight are likely to live by the concept of eating less and exercising more. This equation follows the idea that consuming fewer calories and burning excess fat does the body a lot of good. While this idea makes sense, it is not really the answer to weight loss. It simply

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The Important Basics of Kettlebells

Kettlebells may not be the doctor’s prescription for a fever, but they’re great exercise tools that people often overlook in favour of more traditional implements. Fitness beginners tend to shy away from kettlebells because of their weird shape, and the proper form in using them isn’t as well-known as with dumbbells. Fortunately, there are online

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Household Chemical Exposure May Cause IQ Drop, Says Study

Prenatal exposure to common household chemicals may lead to a lower IQ in children, claims a new study published in the journal PLOS One. According to the study, expectant mothers who had a greater exposure to phthalates – more specifically, di-isobutyl phthalate and di-n-butyl phthalate – are more likely to give birth to babies with

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