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Dental Implant

What to Consider Before Getting Dental Implants

Many people in the UK suffer from tooth loss as a result of cavities, dental injuries and gum disease, among others. Before, this means one should get bridges or dentures to replace the missing teeth. Improvement in dental care and orthodontics, however, have improved the options and added another one – dental implants. Industry professional

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Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers as Motivators

The human body is designed for activity and not just to sit behind the desk all day long.  Let’s face it, few are disciplined enough to get out and exercise.  Personal trainers can help a great deal when it comes to motivating you – they have the knowledge and are uniquely positioned to help with

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Drunk, Female, and Artistic: The Pitfall of Creativity

Your mother, sister, or friend may be the mind behind the next bestselling novel, but you don’t want her becoming the next Dorothy Parker – at least, not the alcoholic side of her. The Muse in a Bottle? The majority of people believe that drinking plays an integral part in the creative process, especially after

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Early Orthodontic Treatment

An Ounce of Early Treatment is Worth a Pound of Orthodontic Cure

Many parents think that early orthodontic treatment is just a waste of time and money. They believe that if their kids are not having any orthodontic issues at all, why take the trouble of taking them to an orthodontist? While this argument is valid, there are important reasons an early treatment is a necessity. HermesLondonDentalClinic.com

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Where Does Dust Come From

Solving the Mystery: Where Does Dust Come From?

Every time you open the window or move things around, annoying dust moves and gets suspended in the air. More often than not, this will frustrate you, especially if you are trying to clean your home. As you deal with it, you may be wondering about where dust comes from. This may sound a bit

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Wedding Photography

Express Your Uniqueness as a Couple with Modern Wedding Photography

Every bride and groom wants to remember their wedding day with stunning photographs that capture the love they share. Wedding photographs are family heirlooms, which the generations to come will appreciate. Despite the modernism of our times, we still aspire to immortalise important moments of our lives with images that accurately depict our feelings. What

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Wedding Anniversary

With a Twist: Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Anniversary

You’ve had a number of anniversaries already. That is quite a feat, so this upcoming anniversary needs to be special. What else can you do, other than having a romantic dinner in a special venue? Here are a few ideas to jazz up your special evening together. Recreate Your Marriage Ceremony This may cost a

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Family Activities

Physical Activities the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Playtime for kids nowadays is, more often than not, confined to gadgets. The technology could be largely blamed for the phenomenon, but that doesn’t mean parents should just let their children settle with the convenience of doing everything with their fingertips. As parents, it’s highly important to keep your kids active. Letting them have their

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