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researcher holding a small plant

You Can Pronounce “French Fries,” Thanks to Early Farming

French fries, volcanic vent, flourishing flower, vector video — you might not be able to pronounce these phrases if not for ancient farmers who unknowingly helped humans develop the ability to enunciate f and v sounds. In a study published recently in the peer-reviewed journal Science, a team of linguists explored the correlation between human

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Woman cleansing her face

Answers to the Most Common Questions About Skincare

Finding the right skincare routine for you can be extremely challenging, as it may involve a number of trials and errors to find the most suitable products and practices for your skin. But, when you’ve finally found the right match for you, it’ll all be a breeze. All you’ll need is a few minutes a

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Man and woman having a head massage

Keep Headaches Away with a Basic Scalp Massage

When a tension headache comes out of nowhere, most people just pop a pill. But did you know that a simple scalp massage is a soothing and easy way to ease a tension headache? Done right, it offers a relaxing way to treat recurring headaches without the need for oral pain relievers. But while a

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The Lowdown On Invisible Braces In Luton

Is there such as thing as invisible braces in Luton? For those who had braces as a kid, or watched their friends go through the ‘train track’ phase of wearing fixed, metal braces, it may seem a strange concept. Yet, it is possible to get straighter teeth without the constant questions and stares from strangers.

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Dentist brushing teeth model

Back to the Basics: 3 Ways You Could Be Brushing Your Teeth Wrong

Interestingly, the most common dental hygiene routine is also the most poorly done: tooth brushing. You could be cleaning your teeth for so long, but in aspects so wrong. If you’re serious about oral health, you may have to rethink your toothbrushing habits. Here are some of the ways you’re doing it wrong: You’re brushing

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compounding pharmacist

The Right Compounding Pharmacy: Your Quick Guide to Choosing One

The apothecaries of the olden days may be gone, but something better came along—pharmacies. And when it comes to such establishments, one may have the impression that they all offer the same thing. In reality, they do not. Not all pharmacies are created equal, as many exceed the expectations of their customers. Finding the right

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Hair Loss

The Bare Truth: 3 Reasons Millennials Are Losing Hair

Hair loss is a problem closely tied to aging. It’s a common sight for grandpas to sport the bald look. But then, there are recent reports that show quite the opposite: a majority of young ones losing hair, particularly the millennials. The generation, interestingly, who’s most obsessed about their self-image. If you think you’re way

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Girl with hands on her face

Dealing with Anxiety and Depression in 3 Ways

When you are in a state of anxiety and depression, it is hard to think about the good and positive things. It feels like you can’t get out of the feelings of misery. But in reality, the things that will help you cope with your mental health problems is just around you. You can have

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Romantic Things to Do for Your Anniversary in Dubai

One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to dating is that you have to be extravagant to please your partner. That is not true at all. For your anniversary, making it sincere and filled with love is more than enough. With that in mind, here are four fantastic ideas for your anniversary celebration

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X-ray of a human skull

Corrective Jaw Surgery: Why You Should Need It

Most people will visit a dentist only when in considerable pain. If other issues related to their oral health cause only minimal discomfort, they opt to wish these away. In fact, most people will consider dental care for something that does not seem like it is. While some dental procedures might be cosmetic, most also

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