We do everything we can to put your privacy first here at Fit Options. As such, we provide transparency over the data collection practices we have on our site. Here are the terms of our privacy policy:

Personally Identifiable Information

Fit Options neither has the capability nor the interest to collect your personal information. The only time we do is when you provide us these details voluntarily. Nevertheless, we can assure you that we will not – in any manner – share your personal information to third-party organizations or any entity, for that matter.

We limit our use of your personal data on things related to our service, such as the delivery of a response to a query, the processing of a request, or the routine distribution of service-related news and emails.

Site-Related Information

What we do collect by default is information related to your browsing activity. We collect the names and domains of the pages you visited, the IP address you use, the Internet domain, and the active browser during the sessions. We also record the time and date of each visit, as well as the time spent on our pages. We do this to analyze traffic patterns and visitor trends to improve our service.

Our site does not use cookies.

External Links

Our posts contain links that direct to other websites. The purpose of this practice is to provide you a better user experience. But we are not accountable to any data collection practice the external sites may have. As a precautionary measure, we advise you to read the external sites’ privacy policies before posting or sharing any personal information.