An Ounce of Early Treatment is Worth a Pound of Orthodontic Cure

Early Orthodontic TreatmentMany parents think that early orthodontic treatment is just a waste of time and money. They believe that if their kids are not having any orthodontic issues at all, why take the trouble of taking them to an orthodontist? While this argument is valid, there are important reasons an early treatment is a necessity. shares some information below:

What is early orthodontic treatment?

Early treatment, also known as interceptive or Phase One treatment, involves creating room for crowded or erupting teeth. It also helps create facial symmetry by influencing jaw growth. In addition, early treatment reduces the need for tooth removal, as well as reducing the treatment time for Phase Two,  which is done when all permanent teeth has erupted (Phase Two usually involves braces).

What causes orthodontic issues?

According to an experienced orthodontist in Victoria, orthodontic problems can be caused by genetics or injury to the mouth. Other factors can also include untimely loss of baby teeth and thumb-sucking habits. Regardless of the cause, orthodontic issues can feel and look unpleasant. Some of the most common issues are crowding of the teeth, jaw growth problems, bad bites, and protruding teeth.

Why does your child need early treatment?

Children usually lose their baby teeth upon reaching the age of 13. Toward the end of their teens, the jaw bones will start to harden and cease from growing. Receiving early treatment can help prevent the need for orthodontics in the future. It reduces, or at least eliminates, the chance of extraction or oral surgery when your child becomes an adult.

Contrary to what many parents think, early orthodontic treatments can save them time and money in the long run. Early intervention allows for timely detection of issues while increasing the chance for the child to get a more effective treatment. Orthodontists can also monitor tooth growth and development, if intervention is not necessary.